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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  July 11, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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live can significantly impact how healthy you live. and justin bieber is causing trouble again. and how it got him access to former president bill clinton. this is "way too early." all right, so the bieber story you won't believe. hi, everybody, i'm thomas roberts. our top story this morning, this dramatic recording that's now revealed inside asiana flight 214, just moments after last weekend's crash in san francisco. take a listen. >> we just got in a plane crash, and there a bunch of people who still need help and there's not enough medics out here. there is a woman out here on the street on the runway who is pretty much burned very severely on the head and we don't know what to do. >> were you on the plane? >> yes, i was on the plane.
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we've been on the ground, i don't know for 20 minutes. >> meanwhile the head of the ntsb revealed wednesday that doors on the plane were not opened until about 90 seconds after the plane had come to a full stop. we also learned that one of the pilots told investigators that he saw a flash of light while trying to land the plane and was temporarily blinded. 20 of the victims remain hospitalized. now, as they returned to south korea, other members of this crew wished recovering passengers all well. >> i hope for all the families who have suffered losses from
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this accident to recover as quickly as possible and they're all in my prayers. >> now to explosive train derailment in quebec. 30 people missing are presumed dead. he previously suggested that firefighters may have been responsible for shutting off the air brakes of some of the cars. but yesterday, he said that the disaster was likely called by operator error. >> this was a failure of the brakes. it's very questionable whether the brakes, the hand brakes were properly applied on this train. as a matter of fact, i would say, they weren't, or we wouldn't have had this incident.
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i don't think any employee removed brakes that were set. i think they failed to set the brakes in the first place. >> so he's said that the engineer has been suspended and quote, i don't think he'll be back working for us. in washington, antiobama care fever is catching on in a big way. republican lawmakers are hoping its opposition to a signature piece of legislation will work to its benefit in 2014. conservatives are focusing on a decision by the white house last week to delay a key provision on the affordable care act that requires large employers to offer health insurance to its employees. press secretary jay carney doesn't believe there's much to debate on this. >> people who suggested that there's anything unusual of delaying of a deadline and the comprehensive law.
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it's not -- it's not serious. >> students headed back to college this year shouldn't expect any help from the federal government. they failed to pass one-year extension of rate cuts for student loans. now on july 1st stafford student loans race doubled. to 6.8%. congress has a month to reach a deal before students return to school. all right, it was a chilly day in federal court for survivors of the boston bombing. as tsarnaev pleaded not guilty. police officers from m.i.t. lined the street across from the courthouse in a support of murdered officer sean collier. inside the loan survivor iing suspect answered not guilty.
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looking at his relatives often and even smiling. now, this trial could last three to four months as the prosecution plans to call 100 witnesses. another day in court after hearing from 18 witnesses in the defense then rested its case in the murder trial of george zimmerman this all going down yesterday. however, the big question was whether or not the self-described neighborhood watch volunteer would actually take the stand. >> whether or not you want to testify in this case. >> yes, your honor. >> after those discussions have you made a decision? >> yes, your honor. >> and what is your decision? >> after consulting with counsel, not to testify your honor. >> his attorney later spoke about that decision. >> it's strange. for a year and a half he's been hiding.
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now, we're done and, you know, a big part of him wanted to get in front of the jury and talk to them and say, this is my story, this is what i have done, this is why i did it. and give his side of his story. so it was a very difficult decision for george to make. >> again, no one getting that chance to hear from george zimmerman on the stand. closing arguments are expected to begin today before the case is sent to the jury. the world is getting healthier but the u.s. is lagging behind in the progress. a new report on health this in america. and dr. nancy sniderman breaks it down. >> reporter: a snapshot of how america's health compares to other developing nations. while we are living longer we are falling behind. >> things are getting better over the last decade. but the pace of improvement is
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slower. on average, life expectancy for men in the united states is 76. for women it's now 81, up from 76. that various dramatically by region. men living in fairfax county, virginia, are expected to live the longest, 81 years old. but travel 350 miles, mcdowell, west virginia, live on average 64 years. women fare better with the highest life expectancy, 85 years in marin, california. and lowest, 72 years, in perry, kentucky. that's on pace with vietnam. the biggest risk factors for an early death, what and how much we eat. >> it's extraordinary obesity
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epidem epidemic. if you look at how much we eat that trumps the fact that we have been doing a little bit more exercise. >> people living in certain areas of the south have the highest body mass index. men living in owsley, kentucky. and the thinnest communities, falls church city, virginia for women. the top three causes of premature death, heart disease, lung cancer and stroke. >> now, dr. nancy snyderman reporting. >> stocks closed mix for yesterday. want to check in with jeff live for us in london. jeff, what's the latest for the federal reserve. >> good morning to you, thomas. will they are won't they? that was the at the heart of
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investors' minds s the fed to get on the hurry on the tapering process? 50/50. there is a split on the council about how quickly we start removing some of this bond purchasing program. nen ben bernanke came out and offered good words. we got a relief rally off of the back of that. hedge funds are going to start advertising. . the s.e.c. has given the green light for hedge funds to start marketing directly to potential clients. they will put in place some protection, though, you'll have to be acredited investor with a sophisticated view of where you put your money. that's what the s.e.c. decided. there was something rotten at the core of apple's e-book
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story, now they have decided that they did conspire with five publishers to set e-book prices higher than they should have been, apple facing hundreds of millions in fines potentially over this story. not a good day as far as apple is concerned in that courtroom. the federal judge saying, yep, they did something bad and they're going to have to pay. all right, listen to this, there east mystery solved this morning in australia, and this mystery solving comes in the form of 19-foot python. police were mystified by this chaotic crime scene, look at that thing. including a hole in the ceiling. all right, they found this massive snake, weighing in at 37 pounds, it was captured a day after a suspected break-in was reported in a charity story.
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we want to ask you about this, your animal encounter, tweet us your craziest stories, tweet us using the hashtag w. still ahead on "way too early" -- time is running out for breakfast. a rookie set to make the all-star team, why he may not make it to citi field next week. and what to do when you combine the fear associated with sharks and the destruction of a tornado. what about a sharknado, the information you need coming up in the cooler. that story, and a check of the weather, when "way too early" comes right back. ♪ . pieces of skylab flashing in the darkness above southwest
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australia there, entered the atmosphere in a flaming conclusion marked the end of this final passage.
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hold on your seats because it's time for sports, we start with baseball the last day of fan voting for the final two all-star spots. chuck todd holding his breath as we speak for puig, according to mlb, he's currently trailing in the vote. fans have until 4:00 p.m. today to cast their ballots online. if puig doesn't make the all-star team, at least he has this going for him, jay-z is looking to make him the latest athlete signed by his organization. jay-z has already signed robinson cano. we turned to highlights. red sox and mariners, david
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ortiz made history notching his 900th hitter. the crowd at the field gave him a standing ovation for his efforts. the sox beat the mariners, 11-4. nationals and phillies. washington put on quite a show in philadelphia. back to back home runs. in the ninth zimmerman and jayson werth added their own back to back jacks. one of the fans in the crowd took a home run off the noggin. is he bald? oh, man. no hair for the cushion. and that is why you take a glove or the beer cup. good news for yankees fans,
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derek jeter will be act activated by the team today. in four rehab starts with the yankees minor league club he was 1 for 9 with an error. finally, ever wonder how spiderman would do on the court. here he is, crashing the court at a local park. embarrassing everyone who tries to challenge him. granted it's a bunch of kids. it was impressive. this wasn't peter parker. the man behind the mask is a famous street baller who goes by the name the professor. it's the professor in speedy's gear. let's get a check of the weather with meteorologist bill karins.
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>> we hired an overweight spider-man to come to my nephew's birthday party, when he bent he had plumber's crack. it was horrible. >> i think we just returned it. >> i want to forewarn you, they exist out there. the kids don't believe there's a problem. >> yesterday, connecticut -- let's transition to connecticut and our friends up there. yesterday they saw something they don't usually see. in the background, a possible tornado. again, it wasn't confirmed to be on the ground. it looks very close. they'll investigate later on today. again, more rain and thunderstorms for the muggy period of weather we have had
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here. thunderstorms popping up in new york and philadelphia. it won't be as hot with all of the clouds around. but very muggy with those thunderstorms. thunderstorms rolling through montgomery. middle of the country, you're cooler in chicago and kansas city. our friends in dallas, 102 for them. >> all right, the throes of summer. coming up at the top of the hour -- eliot spitzer's return to politics. the new polls reveal how they feel about the disgraced governor running for comptroller in new york city. also, we want to know about your craziest animal encounters. tweet us with the hashtag way
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welcome back. at the top of the show, we discussed that the senate didn't pass a rate cut on student loans.
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you can tell your friends that the congressional budget office projects that the government could profit $184 billion between 2013 to 2023 off of federal student loans. the government made nearly $120 billion off of student loans during the last five fiscal years. the story you now have been waiting for, justin bieber is back in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons. this time it's his bladder that's causing all of the problems. >> justin bieber is doing weird stuff again. tmz got ahold of a video, it shows him in the kitchen of a restaurant in new york, pao peeing into a bucket. when you're justin bieber, the world is your toilet. all right. >> this is just a little walk --
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>> the weirdest part of the video is this part, watching him. a very diligent body guard or a pervert. i'm not sure. keep going. >> you know what, canada, it's time to pick him up. >> all right, how did the former president respond to that incident. you saw what he did there at the end. the president personally accepted his apologize. let's move on to a party in africa, more specifically to krueger national park a group of
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tourists noticed a cheetah. one cat is hot on the tail when it finds the only available shelter available, a small suv. check it out as it jumps into the open window. the tourists open the door and then the deer hops out. the cheetahs remain hungry. i want to see this again. smart stuff. all right, finally, something so incredibly amazing i'm having a hard time to describe this, ladies and gentlemen, i give you, sharknado. >> the storm is coming and it's coming fast. >> just can't sit back and watch this. >> tornado is heading toward the airport! we need to destroy it before it
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gets to them. >> watch out! >> can't just wait here with a shark bearing down on us. >> we're going to throw bombs into the tornadoes. >> it's dangerous. >> too many of them, we're going to need a bigger chopper. >> it's time to leave kansas, mate. >> syfy, sums it up a supersize tornado hurls the shark. it features of hollywood's forgotten stars of the 90s star. the producers didn't blow their entire budget on special effects although it looked pretty good. we can't stand around waiting for sharks to land on my head.
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some of the responses for us. what did we get. >> west says he lost his 7 foot boa in his apartment and he found it three months later under the couch and chad says an aggressive squirrel chased him down in his dorm courtyard, knocked down his cognac and capri sun mix and ran away. liquor snob. >> i would run away too. who mixes capri sun with cognac? >> let's give it a try. >> yeah. i mean that animal had some
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